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EZ Kit
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Individual Modules - Previews

  • Module A1: Must Know Fundamentals Of Stock Investment

    Credits Awarded: 24 credits
    Investment: $24

  • Module A2: Stage 1 - Setting Your Platform & Managing Emotion

    Credits Awarded: 28 credits
    Investment: $28

  • Module A3: Stage 2 - Portfolio Requirements & Stock Analysis

    Credits Awarded: 38 credits
    Investment: $38

  • Module A4: Stage 3 - Stock Analysis Part II & Risk Management

    Credits Awarded: 38 credits
    Investment: $38

  • In Development

    Credits Awarded: N/A credits
    Investment: $N/A

  • In Development

    Credits Awarded: N/A credits
    Investment: $N/A

  • In Development

    Credits Awarded: N/A credits
    Investment: $N/A

  • In Development

    Credits Awarded: N/A credits
    Investment: $N/A

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"Enjoyed the material, more focus on the numbers would greatly complement what you have." – 41, Human Resources

"Extremely informative, enjoyed every minute!" – 34, Home maker

"My confidence increased tenfold in real estate. Thanks!" – 28, Information Technology

"These guys do not waste time. Every minute was worth it." – 33, Oil & Gas

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"Information was great, delivery was great. Worth it." – 24, Entrepreneur

"Succinct information is right! Great value, thanks." – 27, Oil & Gas

"Too many time wasters out there, thanks for being around." – 34, Banking

"Enjoyed the delivery and strategies shared in real estate investing, better than two past trainings I've attended." – 52, Consultant

"Stock markets are all about the psychological and you nailed it. Cheers!" – 27, Trader

"Really loved it. Content complements everything I know thus far." – 37, Investor

"I loved the stock market video and I hope you send notifications when you have new material." – 30, Automotive

"You guys combined detail with generic info to the tee. Well done!" – 46, Branding Specialist

"Chuffed, viewed three modules of real estate, good stuff. Will complete the rest next week and then I'm ready!" – 40, Automotive

"Never realized the weight of importance in negotiation and management in real estate. Very enlightening!" – 46, Healthcare

"Could we get into more detail for specific areas? That's all which is missing!" – 39, Engineer

"Great stock market analysis. Thanks for teaching me how to fish, now I know what to fish for. Cheers." – 29, Manufacturing

"Nicely packaged, a proper training right here at home! Learned a lot." – 46, Manager

"Very informative, really worth it. Thank you." – 28, Engineer

Realized the most dangerous part of putting your equity at risk is really about what you do not know. Great information." – 48, Financial Services

"Great content, waiting for more." – 36, Telecommunications

"We need more of this, thanks!" – 54, General Manager

"Talk about bridging the gap, very informative and useful." – 41, CTO

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"My real estate journey starts here, thanks EffizientLink." – 42, Manager

"Very thorough, even the general introduction. Loved the thinking and psychology behind investing, thanks for sharing." – 36, CEO

"You make it look so simple, it isn't really but your honesty is appreciated. Investing takes effort but it can be done." – 51, Construction

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