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"Time is our most valuable resource in life"

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Our content is designed with you in mind. It is intended for you to make it your own as effectively as possible. Furthermore, we believe that continuous learning is best achieved in the presence of a dedicated community. That is why you will receive access to our members’ forum where you further enhance your takeaways from our Resource Centre.

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We are not a brokerage house or an investment advisor. You can become your own expert through EffizientLink. We disseminate information which can and will help you in real life application. Only with your satisfaction and success can we affirm that we have got a good thing going.

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As our name and mission attests, we value interconnectedness. A commitment to EffizientLink is more than a quality education in investing – The information gathered and presented is widely applicable in the region of your interest. Pure common sense material, proven tips and strategies which are formulated to effectively transform a questionable investment into a fruitful endeavour; this is our mandate in our delivery of essential information.